Customer Satisfaction scores that soar

Learn how Skyscanner, a global travel specialist with 60 million monthly users worldwide, increased its CSAT scores by more than 22%.

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Maturing customer service

Scaling customer service operations across multiple languages.


When Jon Thorne joined as Global User Satisfaction Manager in 2013, Skyscanner was generating a deluge of new customer service interactions. To put service front and center of the business, he had to optimize the cost and efficiency of their customer service function as it grew into new territories.

Our approach

Unbabel met Skyscanner’s challenges with a uniquely scalable approach to translation. With a simple Zendesk integration, John and his team were able to reply to their customers in their native languages without changing their workflows and scale the business without scaling the costs.

No missed connections

"Unbabel doesn’t just cut the cost of support, it’s binary: it means we can provide support in scenarios where previously we simply couldn’t.”

Jon Thorne, Global User Satisfaction Manager

The results

92% Customer Satisfaction

In just one year, CSAT rose from 75% to 92%, and it has been consistently over 92% ever since.

70% Faster replies

First response times were cut by almost three quarters that same year, going from 17 hours to mere 5.

42% Non-English requests

Seamless multilingual coverage of a long tail of languages whose support by traditional methods would be impractical, expensive, and unscalable.

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Learn how Skyscanner increased its CSAT from 75% to 92% within a year.