Going global with Europe’s fastest growing company

Our Daniel Wellington Case Study compiles valuable insights for businesses looking to support their global customer community and increase customer satisfaction.

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Building best-in-class multilingual support

Technology is making it possible to cover languages that are too costly to support natively, but still widely spoken enough to deserve attention.

Daniel Wellington

The challenge

As Daniel Wellington’s business rapidly expanded abroad, they realized that covering certain languages with an in-house team would require an extremely high level of investment – and even then not fully address their customers’ fluctuating demand.

Our approach

Our service and scalability allowed Daniel Wellington to support their customers and keep up with demand in every language. But just as importantly, it was easy to deploy, since we integrate natively with Zendesk.

Substantial CSAT improvement across the board

“There’s a strong feeling that the overall experience is far better for so many of our customers, and that’s also backed up by a substantial increase in customer satisfaction and customer satisfaction response rates.”

Randolph Heyrowsky, Daniel Wellington’s Head of Customer Service

Our impact

92% CSAT

3% increase in CSAT

+2XResponse Volume

CSAT response rates from 9% to 21%

Expanded multilingual coverage

Increased success in long-tail markets

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Learn how a company with growth exceeding 4500% over three years was able to serve customers in every language.